Human creates value through labor process, in the other words

A human’s value is measured by his labor

Standardizing labor skills (HOW & PROCESS) is standardizing human value.

Social Business - the best solution for unemployment crisis in modern times

Social Business Vietnam aims to standardizing skills of Social CEO members who work in Social Business in Vietnam

What is the Social Business?

Social Business is the science of social business with sustainable development strategies for organizations. Business organizations’ responsibilities are to support and share material values as well as emotion values with the society, increase living qualities, and reduce unemployment. In return, the society will support the organizations through difficult times and/or crisis.

Social Business aiming - Social business helps with improving customer intimacy and trust; engaging external audiences; boosting goods and services flow, and the circular flow of money; increasing labor incomes and in return increasing social expenditures - which strongly supports national economy developments.

Social Business aiming - Social Business helps with improving customer intimacy and trust; engaging external audiences; boosting goods and services flow, and the circular flow of money; increasing labor incomes and in return increasing social expenditures - which strongly supports national economy developments.

The main goal of Social Business is to architecting social business organizations, solving unemployment crisis in large scales through the solution of Social CRM - Social Enterprise - Social Franchise

Social Operation System solution

Social Business modeling utilizes the science of Social Operation System .
Social Operation System Social Operation System is an advanced technology system that searches, connects, exploits, and effectively uses Social Think Tanks. The main goal of the system is to provide free and fair information to the public.
Everybody can successfully start up a business when provided with supporting systems that are free, efficient, standardized, and specialized. The supporting systems will give them the best infrastructure, best management, most optimized cost to guarantee highest profits.

Mô hình ý tưởng Hệ điều hành xã hội

Social Operating System targets

Building up the Social Franchise business organizations, training Social CEO with Social Business skills that have been standardized and applied successfully world wide.

Social Seller

Social Seller utilizes social network etiquette (being helpful, transparent and authentic) with business engagement on social networks such as Facebook, OTT apps...

Social Training

Social Training creates social CEOs with professional and standardized skills.


Social organization systems creates the applied social operating system.

Social Enterprise Technology

Social power infrastructures provide technology and management tools that are freely available to social CEOs.

Social Capital

Social capital is efficiently exploited and used to avoid unnecessary spent, creates start-ups, generating new jobs.

Social Real Estate & Social Office:

Social Real Estate: providing 50-year mortgage home loan for the social business members.
Social Offices: utilizing unoccupied offices for social business usages

Social business model includes People - Process - Technology


The combination of trainable soft skills and standardized hard skills increase labor quality.


Standardization of the works and responsibilities of each and every company within the organization creates specialized labor skills. The output of a company is also the input of another company; optimizing management process, minimizing spending, strengthening the whole organization.


Developed based on well-known applied researches such as Social Enterprise Resource Management System, Social CRM, and Social Franchise Technology.

Vietnam Social Business activities

Creating and collaborating social organization clubs Social Biz

- Organizing conferences about social business and invest.
- Gala Social Biz
- Cultural exchange programs
- Professional activities within social business organization club

Recruiting and vocational training of Social CEOs

- Recruiting from career centers, online human resources, universities’ vocational training programs.
- Vocational training workshops
- Vocational training advertisement

ISO Social Seller coaching

- Active selling (building their own brands on social networks)
- Passive sellingg
- Design, Creative, Copywriting, Telesale, Autobot

Training & Franchise ISO Social CEOs

- Social Franchise organization proccess.
- Social Franchise management proccess.
- Managing and monitoring labor productivities.

ISO Social Investor

- Affiliate agency coaching proccess
- Social Investor coaching proccess

Implementing Social MANPOWER FUND

- Funding Social Seller
- Funding and nurture orphans
- Funding of vocational training for people with disabilities

Companies managing Social Funds

- Internationally standardized fund managements
- Investments mandating social welfare projects (orphanages, social housing, social offices…)

Social Enterprise technology systems and Social Franchise

- Social Affiliate Technology: Tools Online Ad Sales
- Social Franchise Technology: Tools of management and enterprise system operators links in social franchising Federation

  • Breakthrough of Social Investor:
  • 01 Maximum yield
    (Social Operating System)
  • 02 Sustainable Development
    (Community Social dedication Biz)
  • 03 permanently Inheritance
    (Social franchising)
  • 04 Profit commit
    (Social capital - Social Capital)
1 year to become Social Investor
Version Social MANPOWER FUND

Social Investment
Cash flow business social investment

Social ManPower Fund

Social Career

Social Affiliate, Social Seller, Social CEO sponsored vocational training to tackle unemployment, towards poverty reduction.

Development resources

Nurturing Orphans, development and human resources devoted to the service of society.

Disability Support

Projects funded vocational training for people with disabilities.

Social Properties Affiliate

Mega Social Enterprise Corporation

Finding specialized chain of business operations and link together in the order Output - Input is necessary to form the Federation of huge social business (Mega Social Enterprise Corporation) to increase the strength of the national economy, reciprocal and absorb financial resources of the World.

Social Business aims to set the alliance, linking businesses into Social Business Confederation following:

- Federation of Social Career - Training Corp
- Federation of Social franchising - Franchise Corp Social
- Federation of Social Technology - Social Enterprise Corp.
- Federation of Social Capital - Social Capital Corp.
- Confederation of Real Estate Social - Social Real Estate Corp.
- Federation of Social Media - Social Media Corp

Monthly Events

The world will come to a different future

Social Business and Technology

As soon as the future approach to this, as it reaches near the more we discover the most amazing things that the Creator has bestowed on man.
                 Human life will change, will transform the value chain, people will live richer, spirits are uplifted, the world will unite, life will be beautiful.

What people say about Social Business

Corporate restructuring how effective?

Large corporations such as Toyota, Apple, IBM, ... are continuous restructuring process by applying new technologies and to launch innovative products, Enterprise Application Platform Social Principles (Structure background social enterprises) to maintain a huge apparatus that operates very smoothly.

International newspapers - Foreign ministry

Corporate restructuring: Large, Small needs

Every business must continually restructuring, but depending on the size of that conduct. Can initially chosen as the focus, focus, then can edit and entirely new model.

HCM City Business Association

Restructuring sales is priority No. 1

Every business must continually restructuring, but depending on the size of that conduct. Can initially chosen as the focus, focus, then can edit and entirely new model.

Investment newspapers - Ministry of Planning & Investment

Time Social Business - Social Business has come?

E-Commerce (E-Commerce or Business number - Digital Business) has been a revolution in the Social Media and Social Commerce Business is sure to be a great improvement and restructuring of the second world economy great.

International newspapers - foreign ministry

Businesses adapt to social networks like?

The explosion of the internet, the number of consumers using social networks (MXH) growing at a rate rapid rise has caused enterprises to Vietnam need a fundamental change in strategic sales and market.

International newspapers - foreign ministry

New trend on the Internet: Social Business

With the software tools and social media like Facebook, Zalo, Beetalk, Line, Viber ... a new form of business was launched to help businesses develop breakthrough and sustainable, it is the social business.

Investment newspapers - Ministry of Planning & Investment

Inventors - Chief Architect Social Business Vietnam

Ta Chau Son

Inventors - Chief Architect - Chairman of SocialCRM .,JSC

More than 10 years ago, he was a pioneer in implementing E-COMMERCE MODELS IN VIETNAM.

More than 10 years after he helped a lot of business enterprises close to bankruptcy FROM BECOMING SUCCESSFUL phenomena in society.

Currently, he is dedicating all my soul, Love and Creativity for social projects SOCIAL BUSINESS VIET NAM. With the desire to help PEOPLE, ENTERPRISE stand in the integration period, especially in Vietnam last stage AEC integration, TPP.

He was the first and only one that can deliver the most intelligent operating system for businesses and create opportunities, jobs for thousands of unemployed people and improve their quality of life every day.